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Castle: Announcements

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:13 pm
by Prof. Zoki Phantom
Hello and welcome to the History of Hogwarts: The Castle classroom!

You can find all the information regarding this class, including the lessons and assignments, at this website:

If you haven't signed up for the class yet, you can do so at THIS LINK.

I will be using this particular thread for any and all updates regarding the class so keep an eye out on our little forum here! For now all I can say is that you're free to start submitting work before the term has begun. However, please do not expect your work to be graded earlier or given any privileges because of this. It will be treated and graded just like all other assignments.

Thank you and hope you have fun!

History of Hogwarts
Prof. Zoki Phantom

Re: Castle: Announcements

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:26 pm
by Prof. Zoki Phantom
Welcome to Spring Term!

A small reminder to all class members that you cannot submit assignments from the Fall Term. I cannot give you any points, quills, or awards for doing work from a past term. We're in the Spring term so even if you're just joining us now you will only be able to submit Assignment #5, Assignment #6, Assignment #7, and Assignment #8, along with the Final Exam and Final Project.

Lesson and Assignment #5 are now posted! The deadline for completing them is March 1st. All assignments will be due the first of the next month so that you can focus on your other classes by the end of each month and yet still have time to complete the work for this class. An exception to this will be the Final Exam and Final Project, which will be due June 20th. That is also the final due date for any submissions, I will not look at any emails received after June 20th. Please plan accordingly!

The other lessons and assignments will be posted gradually over the next 2 weeks. I still need to polish the writing/graphics some more before making them available. :)

Good luck!

History of Hogwarts
Prof. Zoki Phantom