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HoH: The Castle - Awards 2016/2017

Postby Prof. Zoki Phantom » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:17 pm

Hey all!

I'm a bit behind on the awards this term, buuut better late than never. :) All points and quills were already credited on the 23rd of January, and you should have also received responses to your assignment emails.

Congratulations to the following students for successfully earning a quill during the first term of History of Hogwarts: The Castle!
Amanda P. X. Sim - (O) Outstanding
Aurelia Chantelier - (A) Acceptable
Bianca Delacroix - (O) Outstanding
Elizabeth Clearwater - (EE) Exceeds Expectations
Liona Cho 120 - (A) Acceptable
Riliey Starshine - (O) Outstanding

A Shining Star of Hard Work award will be given out to everyone who had managed to earn at least an Exceeds Expectations grade.

The Hogwarts Headmaster Award goes to the top house points earners from each house. The recipients for this past term are:
Gryffindor: Amanda P. X. Sim
Hufflepuff: Riliey Starshine
Ravenclaw: Aurelia Chantelier
Slytherin: Bianca Delacroix

The Special Services to Hogwarts Award goes to those who go above and beyond with their work one way or another. For this past term the recipients are:
Amanda P. X. Sim, for the overall brilliant work on all assignments, and putting in even extra creativity and effort for her final project.
Bianca Delacroix, for going above and beyond for her (highly enjoyable) final project.

Congratulations to all! Apologies for getting these posted so late. :)

(P.S. Awards will be added to your files in a bit)

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