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#TGIT (Grey's, Scandal, Htgawm)

Postby Prof. Arielle Lemoyne » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:43 am

Who else watches my three favorite shows?

*Major spoilers in this post (covered using the spoiler code thing, but in case that doesn't show up the same for everyone).

Grey's Anatomy: I just started watching a few months ago, but I'm about to finish season 6. I'll probably be caught up by next season if they make another one >> I didn't expect to like it because I didn't think I was that into medicine, but now I feel like I would have wanted to be a doctor if I watched this show when I was younger. I don't know how realistic it is, but it's super interesting. I also really love the cast!

Spoiler for anyone who is watching but hasn't gotten to season 6: I love this season so much. Arizona is my new favorite and I feel like I basically am her, but I'm also Callie and Meredith and it's just so easy to relate to everyone! I wasn't sold on the Mercy West crowd at first, but now I love Avery. I'd love to see Cristina+Avery; idk what it is but I don't really like Owen. Omg also, Bailey's scenes with her new boyfriend make me so happy. I also think Meredith & Derrick's post-it note is adorable. oh LEXIE. I love Lexie. I feel like sometimes they forget she has a photographic memory and other times they pull that out because it's convenient, but other than that I really like her character. I have a similar issue with Karev, I feel like his personality isn't entirely consistent, but maybe I don't pay enough attention. I really love mature and caring Karev. ADDISON. I almost forgot about her. Episodes when she makes a return are the best (Private Practice is probably going to be next on my list after I finish Grey's.) I was kind of glad to see Izzy go and definitely glad to see George go. But I still love Meredith, Cristina, and Alex!

Scandal: I love the whole concept of this show. I don't know how much it reflects reality, but either way I think it's really interesting, and I love the cast. Quinn and Charlie are my current favorites. I binge-watched the first 5 seasons rights after each other, so it felt like a really long wait for this season, and now I feel like I've forgotten important things... But it's still super exciting!

Spoiler for anyone who hasn't started watching season 6 (eps. 1&2): First off, I was totally surprised by Frankie dying. I didn't know whether Mellie or Frankie would win, but I definitely expected one of them to win and become president. I can't decide whether to believe Cyrus. It totally makes sense that he did it, but I could also see it being a plan by Olivia's dad and/or Jake. Also, I loved seeing Mellie in love. <3 I hope we'll see more of that this season! Finally, I'm not sure what to think of the FBI director... I'm sure there's more to her story. Every character has secrets!

How to Get Away with Murder: Season 1, I thought it was the greatest masterpiece ever created, and then season 2 somehow was even better. Season 3, I just hate how everything is falling apart! I liked when Annalise was so in control of it all. But I guess at the rate things were going, it couldn't last forever. In any case, the show is still incredible. This is one of the few shows I absolutely cannot multitask during because 1) it's so engaging and 2) if I did try to do something else, even for a second, I'd miss something critically important.

Anyways, talking about this season... I did not like how gimmicky the made the whole "Who's under the sheet??" thing the whole first half, but I have to say, they totally fooled me with who it was. I was like 100% sure it was Frank. And I'm so sad to Wes go, though I guess we pretty much still have him for awhile, with all the flashbacks and fantasies and everything. I also have to say I really have no clue who killed him. I can't imagine it was Annalise, but I also don't really think it's Frank. Bonnie maybe? who else is there? Viola Davis is incredible, especially in all of the jail seasons this season. And Michaela is my current favorite character. I'm totally with Asher on loving seeing her step up and start running things while everyone else is freaking out.

Please tell me there's someone out there who watches and wants to discuss!

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