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Postby Felicia » Sun Sep 14, 2014 1:21 pm

Assignment 1 -

Papers Graded and Points Submitted

Sierra Granger
Inali Valdengart
Lauren Dabriya
Alexander Aino

updated 9/21

Lilly Anderson

updated 9/22

Olivia Thorneblood

updated 9/29

Ciarrai MacDade

Updated 10/4

Lilith DiAngelo
Rachael Khray

Updated 11/02

Lesson 1 - Jewel Ouderkirk

Lesson 2 -

Alexander Aino
Lilith DiAngelo
Jewel Oudekick
Lilly Anderson
Sierra Granger

Updated 12/15

Lesson 3

Lilly Anderson
Jewel Ouderkick

Updated 1/13/15

Lesson 4

Lilly Anderson

Final Exam

Lilly Anderson
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