Wand-making Introduction Post

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Wand-making Introduction Post

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:06 am

Hi Witches and Wizards!

If you want to earn yourself a quick and easy 15 points, post in here!

Tell us your HOL name, your House, what year student you are and any other bits of information that you would like to share about yourself. Perhaps you could say which country you live in. Are you a pure-blood witch or a person with some Muggle blood in your ancestry? Or maybe you are witch with two Muggle parents, a miracle of your family!

However it is, post here!

Points may be earned for posting through January 15th.
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Re: Wand-making Introduction Post

Post by Draco Riddle » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:25 am


I'm Draco Riddle and I am a second year at Hogwarts! I was born in Cambridge, England. My father is John and my mother is Martha. I am from a Muggle-born family. I have had an interest in magic at the age of seven and I learned that I had a pure-blood uncle. Around the age of eleven, I got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the history from my fathers side of the family having wizards. I was somewhat nervous about the Sorting Hat's decision. When I got sorted into Slytherin house I felt like it was a family. I do like the other houses as well even though I know very little about them.

At my first year at Hogwarts school. I mainly focused on my studies. Spending a lot of time in the Library I had a favorite new sport which I constantly read about. The wizarding game of Quidditch interested me when I went to watch my first game. I felt excited and hoped in the future years to join the team. Over summer break I mostly spend time with my family. Joining my pure-blood uncle on hiking trips I've learned to love the outdoors and being in nature.

As the years progressed I learned more than what I needed to learn. I made some new friends in the grounds. Even got to help others in the corridors like first years to understand the game of gobstones in the courtyard. My goal is to pass the OWLs and NEWTs. Once I leave Hogwarts my dream career is to work as an Auror. If I don't do well on the OWLs or NEWTs I don't mind other careers in the magical or muggle fields. My favorite food is cauldron cakes and my favorite drink is frozen butterbeer. :D

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