My Cousin Has Had Her Account Deleted!

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Yavanna Basham
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Postby Yavanna Basham » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:31 am

My cousin, ' Laura Wilder' set up her account, went through the trouble of taking the exam, being sorted, and was already in the process of making friends here, when her account was deleted.

She would really like to know why she was not contacted before it was done.

My cousin was using my computer as she has none of her own and lives nearby now, and we both read that it is perfectly acceptable that families share the same computer, if need be, so she really does not understand why this has happened, without her being told it would take place.
We both would have happily explained the situation if asked first.

My cousin is an adult, with a married daughter, and feels she was treated as a child would be treated, not being told anything, and then attempting to sign in this evening she was unable to, as she was first alerted by a professor that her id wasn't working earlier, when it had been before, and it has made her very angry over the whole mess. (she now says she knows how I feel here.)

I don't care if many of you don't like me, as I really could care less, but this was done to my cousin, and I WILL stand up for HER even if I don't for myself, and open my big mouth, as she did deserve to be treated much better than this.

What many here don't understand is that not everyone who signs up here are children, and there should be more respect shown to those who do come here, trying to enjoy themselves and forget their problems, as you have no idea what hell their real lives may be like, or what they're really going through that you will never know.

She wanted to join me here, so we could have fun together at HOL, as God only knows, our real lives stink enough, and now she is hurt about this... was it done because you recognized we had added each other as friends?
She has an e-mail account of her own, (I made sure of it) and everything was done right, and there should have been no problems, as like I said, we knew it was perfectly ok for family to have more than one account on the same computer.

Now, we both request that someone contact us about this, and we will give you her info again, and please set up her account once more, as this was NOT right, and she should have been contacted first, as this has hurt her feelings quite a lot, which I perfectly understand, and I feel perhaps it is my fault because of my standing here, but don't take it out on her, as all she wanted was to enjoy herself here, which is now totally lost for her.


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Adeliene Cromwell
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Postby Adeliene Cromwell » Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:41 am


Your cousin's account was deleted because she did not follow the rules. When you sign up, you are told not to use the name of any fictional character. As it is, Laura Wilder is the name of the main character of Little House on the Prairie, a popular and old book series. It was also a television show in the 70s, I believe.

As it is, there are hundreds of accounts deleted DAILY. Those that are deleting are short in supply (probably eight people, at the maximum) and do not have time to email each individual person. And on top of that, not all the accounts created have a valid email account. Plus- they do have lives. Just as most students aren't children, neither are those in charge. And most people don't assume that everyone here is a child.

Now, I don't know where or why you have the impression that HOL doesn't care for you, but this was not a personal attack or anything. If you go to you can see how many students have been deleted. And these are the ones who are caught!

I also don't appreciate your attacks on the staff. Just as no one may know what goes on in your life, you can't sit there and pretend to understand ours. The staff and prefects are doing the best job they can, and what's more- they do it for free.

No one is stopping her from making another account, as this one has been deleted. But I suggest she uses a name that is not a fictional character's name, and then she will most likely not be delted.

I would also appreciate if you do not get so angry next time there is a problem, and to please not assume the worst in everyone here.

Thank you.
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Thank you Cassie<333333

Laura E Holmes
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Postby Laura E Holmes » Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:21 am


Sorry for my cousins outburst. (her bark is usually worse than her bite) She is just very protective of me, and has a crappy attitude anymore, (old age) and has a tendency to mother me, especially now that I live near her. (like I need mothering at my age.)*g*

I have smacked her a few times, and think it did some good. (just dont be so sure) lol

I'll re sign this weekend, but wanted to make sure I can still use the name Laura.

Thanks so much, and if my cousin acts up again, just let me know, and I'll just smack her upside the head a few times, and she will be just fine. *eg*

Laura (something)

PS, remember we will be using the same computer, so don't delete me when I sign up again please! (You can delete Yavanna, and I wouldn't mind at all) Just kidding! lol

Thank you!
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Prof. Rorey Padfoot
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Postby Prof. Rorey Padfoot » Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:30 am


The issues was never you two using the same computer. The issue was your name as Addy stated before. You are welcome to use the name Laura, just make sure it is not a name of a fictional character.
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Prof. Ulol Kimil
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Postby Prof. Ulol Kimil » Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:41 am

Closing this as it was very well explained.
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