Belongings with sentimental value

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Belongings with sentimental value

Postby Siobhan Burke » Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:02 pm

Do you have any toys or other things that have sentimental value? Something that you can't see yourself ever throwing away, because the memory that you've attached to it still lingers?

During the first week or so of the new year I always clean house. I obviously dust, wash and vacuum a lot more often than that, but that first cleaning session is an intensive scrubbing. I am not a hoarder, but there are some of my old toys that have survived many such cleaning onslaughts.

One is an old fashioned red rag doll simply called Ragdoll. I know she was a gift when I was three or four years old, but I cannot remember from whom. She has been re-stuffed many times. The material is getting really threadbare, so at this point it's probably only the dust keeping her together. She was my favourite toy to cuddle because she is quite flat, so I didn't wake up when I rolled over her. Though she stayed behind when I went to university, she made the journey to my first house after that and has stayed with me. I honestly can't imagine ever parting with her.

I also have old casette tapes (really showing my age here). The ones I kept are mostly stories read by voice actors - basically abridged audio books, if you want. I doubt I'll ever listen to all of them ever again, but I just can't throw them out.

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Re: Belongings with sentimental value

Postby Meredith Malkins » Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:44 pm

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who keeps their childhood toys around. For me it's Pooh bear, who was given to me when I was born and has suffered greatly under my affection. I'm told he once had plush fur, but he certainly doesn't now! I have a special place in my room for him to sit, and I'll keep him around for as long as possible.
As a kid, I've had many phases (and many things I've kept from them), the ballerina phase (Angelina Ballerina magazines and my first soft shoes), the princess phase (fairy-tale books), the fairy phase (lots of fairy-related stuff around my room, but it's all very elegant so it's okay), and the on-going Medical and Genetics phase (hey, I read medical books for fun, nothing wrong with that...), but the Pooh Bear phase has some of my fondest memories/family stories (and favourite books, AA Milne was awesome).
But shh, don't tell anyone. Teenagers aren't supposed to keep and love their stuffed toys. I clearly haven't received the memo... :D
And that's only the beginning of the stuff I hoard. It all has sentimental value to me.

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